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Logistics outsourcing is not only one item with a price tag. Our service consists of many steps which influence the final price. Our pricing approach is responsible and individual for every single client.

What influences the price?

  • Goods receiving
  • Software and integration
  • Storage
  • Products packing
  • Completation
  • Expedition
  • Transportation (including our carriers discounts)
  • Advanced inventory management
  • Packaging and filling material
  • Reverse logistics (refunds and claims)
  • Customer service
  • Key Account Manager services
  • IT Support

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Our indicative price list

Based on your orders volume we prepare an offer tailored to your needs. You can calculate the indicative price per our dispatch.

Specify your monthly orders volume



  • 300 - 500

    Number of orders per month

  • 1.23 EUR

    Order packing

  • 0.14 EUR

    Product picking

  • 0.04 EUR

    Material insertion

  • 1.54 EUR + 0.15 EUR/pc

    Refund processing

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